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Infraworks: Taking the Next Step - Sharing your Project


Once you have got your design ready to be showcased to the world, or your boss, or anyone who needs to see it, it's time to show them. In the last of this round of the webinar Series Infraworks:

Taking the Next Steps, I will show you how you can quickly and easily share your project. This can be anything from images in your documents to Videos for presentation through to full Cloud Collaboration with BIM360. We can even share our model on a web page to anyone, also if they don't have any Autodesk subscriptions.

As an addition to this, we can also add back into our model the finished Civil 3D project and update the conceptual design to the Design phase and share that.

  • Creating Images and Videos
  • Sharing through BIM360
  • Creating Shared Views for anyone
  • Adding a Civil 3D Corridor and surface to update your model to the design phase

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