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Introduction to Civil 3D – Part 1 - The Design Solution for the Civil Engineer


This is for everyone who is completely new to Civil 3D and wants to know what it is and how to design Civil Engineering solutions. Whether you’re a Civil Engineer new to the Autodesk Civil Solutions, or you’re an existing AutoCAD user and you want to know if Civil 3D will make your job easier.

In this webinar I will introduce you to the Civil 3D interface and show you the differences (and the similarities) with AutoCAD. I will then start a Civil Design project with a Car Park and a Road.
Civil 3D's party piece is it's dynamic modelling. A change in one place, is a change everywhere so with that in mind, we can alter the design as often as we like.

The Webinar will include:

  • Introduction to the Civil 3D Interface
  • Designing a Car Park – Setting levels, slopes and doing Cut and Fill analysis
  • Designing a Road
  • Changing your Design

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