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Collaborating with the AEC Collection - Understanding all the different Coordinate systems


Where matters, right? It certainly does when you are trying to coordinate your models. To get all the different disciplines to talk to each other in the same language when it comes to position can get a little tricky can’t it. Putting a Revit model into a Civil model for example, sometimes it lands in the right place, sometimes it a little off. Occasionally you can’t find where it has gone it’s so far away!

Size also matters! Sometimes it comes in at the right scale, sometimes it’s massive, or tiny!
“Why is it not simple?” I hear you ask! “Why don’t they all use the same coordinate system?”

Watching this webinar will explain all. It will clear the fog and give you a deeper understanding of coordinates, what they are and why we have different systems.

In this webinar you will see:
  • An explanation of AutoCAD and Revit Coordinates
  • An explanation of Geographical Coordinates
  • A whistle-stop demonstration of how to get a Revit model to line up with AutoCAD, Civil 3D and Infraworks

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