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Understanding Landscape Design using Artisan RV with Revit Architecture


With the upward trend of BIM Authoring software being used for Building design, Landscape Architects find themselves trying to play catch up and use the tools that have been made for modelling buildings to create external works.

Certain tools within Revit can be used to help however, for the first time there are some new tools that have been created bespoke to Landscape Architecture within Revit.

CSD have created an add-in for Autodesk Revit that enables Landscape Architects to finally utilise the modelling capabilities within the API.

This webinar will give you an overview of the available tools within CS ArtisanRV.

The areas of focus include:

- Using Revit out of the box for Landscape Design
- Topography manipulation
- Planting Schemes (Linking to NPS)
- Placing bespoke components (Railings, Site furniture)
- Creation of trees based on existing tree surveys (BS5837)
- Hard Landscaping areas

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