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Dynamo - Understanding the Benefits in a Revit Environment


Does Revit do everything you need it to do? Would Automation of common tasks have no benefit to you? Are you a qualified/competent programmer that understands the API?

If you answered no to any if not all these questions, then this webinar is for you.

A lot of people have heard of Dynamo BIM for Revit, unfortunately some people only see it as a computational concept design tool. This webinar will open your eyes to the powerful tool that is Dynamo.

You will see how:

• Dynamo is a visual node-based tool
• Dynamo lets you do things Revit can’t
• Common task can be automated
• To interact with Excel to import and use data
• To use more advance features for interacting with the API
• To use custom packages to add functionality
• Real world projects that benefited from Dynamo

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