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Site Coordination from AutoCAD to Revit, featuring True and Project North


Working across the CAD platforms from AutoCAD into Revit and possibly back again, we need to make sure all our drawing across platforms are coordinated.

In this webinar session, we explore how to work with site plans or building in AutoCAD working at true north but still have workable project North orientation.

In Revit, we can then understand the origin points to use, how to bring our site plans or building into Revit and have these important drawing at the correct coordinate and rotation. 

We then learn why we cannot just bring content into our Revit with an insertion point or Origin to Origin or in the latest versions of Revit, Origin to Internal Origin. Overall, we will learn how to bring all our plans together in with a reliable and repeatable process.

Topics include:

  • The checks we must always do when we first receive the DWG or DXF file at the beginning of a project or whenever we get them.
  • Learn where on Earth the UK origin is.
  • How to accurately position our site or building plans in AutoCAD.
  • How to effectively use views to have practical True North and Project North views in our AutoCAD.
  • How to bring in drawings or other files into Revit without the pain of wondering where it is.
  • Understanding Revit's origin points, yes there is more than one.
  • How to position sites or building in the correct position and orientation.
  • Why using a Revit site plan and linking your building plans to the site make life so much easier and more accurate.
  • How to have True North and Project North views in Revit.
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