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AutoCAD - Defeat the Drawing!


Zero to Hero. We have all had that particular drawing file that seems slow and unwieldly compared to the amount of information on the screen. I will show you how to fix the drawing, get your speed back, quicker to open, quicker to work and quicker to save, become the office guru in sorting out your drawings.

Drawings are getting bigger as projects get more complex, I will show you how to manage the larger files more efficiently. Typical issues include hatch problems and linetype scaling, easy to fix when you know how. Additionally, there is a plethora of little known tools and features in your AutoCAD that could make life easier, let me show you.
  • Step by step drawing recovery and clean-up.
  • Reducing the file size to be more manageable.
  • Tools to speed up working on large files.
  • Typical issues and solutions.
  • Little known but useful “hidden” features in AutoCAD

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