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Basic Special Effects in 3ds Max


So you want to be the next Steven Spielberg with his BMX flying ET, George Lucas and his Death Star or even James Cameron sinking the titanic. OK maybe we do not need to go that far, but we have a load of simple effects that we can use in 3ds Max that help to enhance our visualisations from Depth of Field to Motion Blur on the camera—added atmospheric effects such as smoke or fog. We can use wind or gravity to help the realism flow.

In this webinar let us look at the simple techniques we can add to or scenes to add a little more Hollywood.

  • Using Depth of Field to bring more realistic cameras
  • Motion Blur to add a feeling of movement
  • Atmospherics like Fog. Mist or smoke
  • Space warps, such as gravity or wind
  • Particle systems to create dust effects

3ds Max has many features to add that little bit of VFX, and all available without the need for expensive plugins.

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