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Advance Design is a mature and easy to use FEM Structural Design Solution dedicated to Structural Engineers operating in a BIM environment.

It designs any structure, with any loads, mixing concrete, timber and steel members. It includes significant code standards (Eurocodes / North American)

  • PowerfulEasy to use and operate
  • BIM: Fully compliant with Revit®
  • Supported by a strong team of experts
  • Flexible licensing model
  • Thousands of references worldwide

Discover Advance Design 2021 and download your free trial today!

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We have even made this handy Pre-Learning Advance Design document for you to use with your trial license, download here, or if you would prefer to view the tutorials, please visit the link here. 

With the new release of 2021, we would also like to invite you to attend one of our two-day training sessions that we are running throughout September, October & November - Free Of Charge.   

This course covers the basics of Advance Designs, from analysis of both steel and concrete structures through to the design under relevant Eurocodes. Delegates are introduced to the concepts of finite element analysis in the Advance Design environment and the current documentation available within the software.

The training will help you to adopt this intuitive and powerful tool to enable the design of steel, concrete or timber structures all within one platform. Learn how to design and detail concrete walls, beams and columns, design steel connections according to EN1993-1-8, perform a modal spectral analysis, all using the same intuitive user interface.

Day 1:

  • Creating and configuring an Advance Design project
  • Defining a plane and 3D workspace
  • Creating linear elements and supports

  • Load cases (dead, live)
  • Load areas
  • FE analysis
  • Results post-processing
  • Creating a report and saving a report template
  • Steel analysis results
  • Steel structures optimisation
  • Steel design according to EN1993-1

Day 2:

  • Creating plate elements
  • Creating levels
  • Modal and seismic analysis
  • Concrete design according to EN1992
  • Concrete analysis results
  • Beam and column design and detailing
  • Wall and slab design and detailing
September – October – November 2020
7th & 8th Sept 10th & 11th Sept 21st & 22nd Sept 29th & 30th September  
1st & 2nd Oct 8th & 9th Oct 12th & 13th Oct 15th & 16th Oct 26th & 27th Oct
5th & 6th Nov 12th & 13th Nov 16th & 17th Nov 23rd & 24th Nov  
Training Times – 10.00 am – 4.00 pm

Advance Design Benefits - New Features 2021

      - New Super-Element functionality
      - Design at stages
      - Advanced punching shear verification
      - Pushover analysis
      - New design to detailing process

What customers have said about our Advance Design Training

 Thank you, Craig and Sara, for the training.  The course was very useful for me as a part time user. Looking to become more of a full-time user going forward. 
By Nigel Hills – Fordham Consulting Ltd

For more details on Advance Design click here.

Course pre-learning

Based on the feedback from previous delegates, completing the pre-learning below had great benefits and allowed more value to be gained from the training. Therefore, it is recommended that all delegates complete the following pre-learning before attending the training:

Please work through the tutorials in this document.

The tutorials in this document can be viewed in the following videos.

It is estimated that pre-learning is around 6 hours.

Additional pre-learning

You may also find the following videos useful to watch before attending the training:

Advance Design Pre-Learning YouTube

Advance Design Support YouTube

Important information before the training

  • Please ensure that you have Advance Design on the machine before the training, as there won’t be time to do this on the day
  • Please confirm the PC you will be using is up to the software specification – software spec can be found here.
  • Download a trial version of Advance Design 2021, here. Add the comment FREE Advance Design training in the message box.
  • If you are installing a trial of Advance Design 2021 trial on a machine with an existing version – please check with your IT department regarding the licencing
  • The trainer will be in contact with you prior to the training, to provide the material for the training
  • If you wish to use a version of Advance Design older than 2020 for the training, please bear in mind that you won’t be able to do some of the exercises, but you can still attend the presentation
  • You will be provided with the login details prior to the training – please check that this is working before the training

Our training is first come, first serve basis, so ACT NOW and book your place to avoid disappointment. Don’t miss this great opportunity.

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